WHNT’s Jordan Dafnis Inspires Middle School Girls To Find Their Voice


The young ladies attending the Girls Inc. of Huntsville’s summer camp had the chance to learn some basic reporting skills from the best source: a real-life news reporter! WHNT’s Jordan Dafnis is working this summer to teach the girls about finding their voice and conveying that voice to the public. The girls practiced talking in front of a camera by doing Facebook Live videos, led by Jordan.

Ms. Dafnis taught the girls about planning out a video (or interview!) by creating a list of topics or questions that were most important in telling the story at hand. She also stressed the importance of interacting with your audience, answering their questions, and making sure they feel like they are a part of the video or interview. The 7-8th grade class stressed that the most important thing they learned from Jordan is to “you’re your voice and stay true to yourself”. The girls discussed personal brands, and why being authentic is important in the age of social media.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing that Ms. Dafnis talked about was using your talents for good, whatever those talents may be. She is a gifted speaker, listener, and interviewer, which she uses to bring the public the most important stories of the day. Using the best parts of ourselves to give back to the world, and make everyone and everywhere better may be the single-most important career advice that these girls ever receive. This summer, Girls Inc. of Huntsville is hoping to help these young girls find their strengths and give them the tools they need to turn those strengths into action. To make Huntsville, and the world, just a little bit better.